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The Role of HR in Business Development

The support of Human Resource experts can do so much more than the essentials of keeping your payroll running smoothly. When a small business outsources their HR support, leaders are able to learn from and utilize all the advantages that come with years of experience. Your small or medium sized business can also gain advantage with the power of group discounts. 

Your HR team should help your business not only stay in good standing with your employees and the law, they should also help in ways that foster growth for your brand. Here are four ways in which you can leverage a group of skilled HR team professionals to accelerate your business goals

1. Hire the Right People

Having the right people on your team is essential to running any successful business. Quality employees bring about the level of work and positive customer interactions that your business needs to thrive. But how do you know which candidates to hire? 

Consulting with professionals who have years of experience hiring individuals (and subsequently following their career path) will give you invaluable insight about who to invite into your workforce. PacWest HR experts can assist you with recruiting strategies, job listings and descriptions, background and reference checks, and how much compensation is reasonable for each candidate or employee. 

Additionally, your HR team at PacWest can help you create an enticing job offer and brand culture that draws in skilled, ambitious professionals. Acquire top talent with a benefits package that is more generous and less costly than what a small company can negotiate for itself. 

2. Minimize Employee Turnover

Finding, hiring, and training employees is a costly process for all businesses. Losing or training new employees has not only a qualitative monetary cost, the changes can affect project deadlines, productivity, and the company’s morale. 

A valuable Human Resources team will help your business not only find and hire the right people, but retain your valued team members by making sure their requirements are being met or exceeded. For example, PacWest can work with you to create compensation and rewards programs that benefit your employees and your business goals. 

Employee development is not all on your shoulders as a small business owner when you partner with an HR team that does more than just process payroll. 

3. Your Brand’s Culture

Beyond the details of monetary compensation, quality employees prefer to spend their time working for organizations that have a good reputation and company culture. Talent retention is therefore more than a mere numbers game. Our experienced HR professionals can help you build your company culture in a way that excites, motivates, and resonates with your employees. 

One way of testing the values that your employees hold is to ask for feedback. An outsourced HR team provides a safe place for employees to voice their opinions. 

4. Plan for Growth

As your small business grows it will undoubtedly go through changes. Your dedicated HR team can help you avoid growing pains by letting you know how your current employees are working as a team and where to make improvements. Expanding your employee base or into a new market should be done with insight about your company’s current standing and your industry. 

“We’ve been a PacWest client for more than 18 years. During that time we grew from about 20 employees to more than 80. I’m sure we would have experienced considerable growing pains had it not been for the customized services that PacWest provides. They’re exceptionally thorough at what they do, and they aren’t too large to give us personal attention when we need it.”

– Owner, International Freight Forwarder Southern California


Start Outsourcing HR for Your Small Business

Our professional team at PacWest aims to not only provide essential Human Resource services but also business solutions that have a positive impact on meeting your business goals. PacWest offers flexible solutions that grow to support your small or medium sized business in every aspect. 

Support your business goals by contacting PacWest at (925) 734-9400 or by sending us a message today. 

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